Detailed Itinerary

Day 01 Departure Europe/USA - Arrive Delhi:

Meet our tour-leader at the international airport departure terminal in Europe/USA and board premium airline, economy class flight to Delhi. Upon arrival in Delhi, traditional welcome and meet local staff at the Indira Gandhi International airport; transfer and overnight in hotel.

Day 02 In Delhi:

Relax from the journey till  the afternoon and then start a half day sightseeing of Delhi.
We visit the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Raj Ghat, India Gate, Presidents Residence,  Parliament House. Overnight in hotel.

Day 03  Delhi — Manali:

(580 km | 14 hrs | altitude 2050 m | population  4,400 | Population of Himachal Pradesh 6.2 million | Area:55,673 sq km | Capital : Simla)
Early in the morning after manalibreakfast 12 hrs. drive to Manali, 580 km. In the first hours  we  drive through the great fertile plains of Punjab & Haryana States through their landlord owned farms and simple villages. Owing to the flow of the five major tributaries of the Indus, these are the largest producers of wheat in the subcontinent. These are mostly populated by the Sikhs,
After lunch at the emerald green Govind Sagar Lake, which also a great place for fishing Mahsheer, the road winds through the dense coniferous forested hills of Kulu & Manali, with beautiful rivers and villages along the route. Late in the evening arrive in Manali. Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 04 In Manali:

(altitude 2050 m)
After breakfast proceed for a full day sightseeing of Manali - a popular hill resort of North India with picturesque fruit orchards and old styled mansions designed and built during the British Rule. Apples — along with plums and pears — remains the best source of income for the majority of its inhabitants. We shall visit the 16th century Hadimba Temple noted for its four-store pagoda and exquisite wooden carvings, the Vashisht Temple, the medicinal Hot Sulphur Springs with Turkish-style Bath for men and women, Beas Kund and the enchanting, bustling local market. Overnight in hotel.

Day 05 Manali — Darcha:

(3300 m | 145 km | 08 - 09 hrs)
Morning after breakfast drive to Darcha over the high pass,  Rothang La 3992 m. Lovely view from the top of the pass of all the snow peaks of the Spiti valley as a base for many treks. At Koksar check post,  we have to show the passport for checking in to the wilderness reserve. Then  drive further to Keylong  which is the head quarter of Lahoul & Spiti. We will drive along the Chandra river till Tandi, where it meets with another the Bhaga river coming down from Shingola Valley in Zanskar. We will have our lunch at Keylong and  drive further to Darcha and Jespa. We will meet our trekking staff at Darcha. Overnight in camp.

Day  06 Darcha — Palhamo:

(altitude 3750 m | 12 km | 4 hrs)
After an early breakfast, we start our trek from Darcha  to  Palemo. We carry our pack lunch in our day-pack on all trekking days from now on. This is prepared and packed by our staff during the night (for more details, see "lunches"). We will leave the last Lahoul village of Chikka Rarik. An easy trail leads to a narrow valley and the scenery changes dramatically from the wide to a narrow valley displaying a landscape colored in deep reds and golden yellow. This day we walk partly through a rough forest service rudimentary road and will cross some rivers. Overnight in camp.

Day 07 Palhamo — Zanskar  Sumdo:

(altitude 3750  m | 13 km | 5-6 hrs)
After breakfast, we will trek to Zanskar Sumdo. Our trekking staff will hand us our pack lunches and after packing and cleaning the campsite proceed for Zanskar Sumdo. We trek initially through main valley  which  stretches on to the North West, but we cross the bridge and go up into the little Bari Valley, where the stream  joins the main river. The day offers beautiful scenery. This is a good day for altitude acclimatization, walking north, to the tiny meadow of Ramjak. It's a good 5 to 6 hours walk. Overnight in camp.

Day 08 Zanskar Sumdo — Chumi Nagpo (base camp):

(altitude 4050 m | 9 km | 6hrs)
After breakfast in the morning, we will proceed towards Chumi Nagpo. Right in the beginning of our the day we cross the stream and overcome a short but steep climb. The trail leads up the narrow valley over moraines toward the base of Shingo La 5096m. Camp is held at the bottom of the pass at Chumi Nagpo. This offers another excellent opportunity to acclimatize on these initial days. Overnight in camp.

Day 09 Chumi Nagpo — Lakhang:

(altitude 4060 m | 12 km | 7 hrs)
After breakfast, start our trek to Lakhang. Today the trail is steep going up to the permanent snow field of Shingo-La (5100m). A panoramic view of the great Himalayan range from the pass. wind whipping prayer flags on a passThe descent is significantly easier. A small shrine and the wind ripping the Buddhist prayer flags mark the pass. We then descend to the pastures west of the Kargyak river. Camp is held near the small isolated hut used by the yak herders. Overnight in camp.

Day 10 Lakhang — Kargyak:

(altitude 3960 m | 10 km | 6 hrs)
After breakfast, we will start walking toward Kargyak village, the scenery changes astonishingly with change of color of the landscape from light red to deep purple. The valley is shadowed all day long by the grace of the majestic Gumburanjon. In Kargyak, the first village of Zanskar, we will see different kinds of flowers blooming in the valley. Again and again we meet Mani stones and Chortens, a testament to the vibrant Buddhist culture. Overnight in camp.

Day 11 Kargyak — Purney:

(altitude 3700 m | 12 km | 7 hrs)
After breakfast, we will trek north of Kargyak, along the river, the scenery again is mesmerizing. On this gentle walk through Kuru and Testa villages, one gets views of high peaks set against the fields of grain and vegetable. In the afternoon we reach Purnè, with its colorful Chorten and the old ruins. Today, we may be able to have some local beer in the small shop. Overnight in camp.

Day 12 Purney — Phuktal Gompa — Purney:

(altitude 3750 m | 8 km | 7 hrs)
Rest day or an optional day trip to the 11th century monastery (highly recommended). Built in a cave it is really considered as a jewel of the region. The rise and fall of the path along the well cut edges, strange canyon folds and the approach to Phuktal Gompa is around 3 hrs. It is very impressive, as the religious house is hidden in the mountains. The famous Hungarian Tibetology scholar Cosmo de Koros lived here from 1826-1827. After an extended visit, we walk back to our camp. Overnight in camp.

Day 13 Purnè — Ichar/Reru:

(altitude 3680 m | 10 km | 6 hrs)
This day we will trek along the Zanskar River. There are many picturesque villages on the bank opposite to Char - first Abnop then Dorzong, green oases in the gray-brown terrain, and finally the Ichar castle, accessible over a hanging bridge across the valley. Certain places, with rubble hills and steep sandy slopes, call for careful treading. Three hours further walking brings us to a camping place opposite Reru, in a side valley to the left of the main route, on green grass. Overnight in camp.