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Open Jaw & Other Constellations:
An open-jaw flight for is one that, in the simplest terms for example, flies from New York to Delhi, then from Bombay back to New York. Airports Delhi and Bombay are often considered neighboring airports, or at least in the same general area. A sample open-jaw itinerary might be a flight from Atlanta to Seattle on the way out and from Portland to Atlanta on the way back.

Another open-jaw scenario is to fly into and out of the same destination city, but your starting and finishing points are different, thus for example: fly from New York to Delhi; then fly from Delhi to Miami.

An open jaw is ideal for travelers who are planning to cover a lot of ground during their trip and who don't want to waste time returning to their original airport. Perhaps you fly into San Francisco and then drive down the coast of California to Los Angeles; an open-jaw fare would allow you to fly home from Los Angeles instead of making it all the way back to San Francisco! Open jaws are also useful for cruise passengers whose sailing embarks and disembarks in different seaports.

Despite the fact that an open-jaw itinerary isn't quite a classic round trip, most airlines treat it as such and charge you half the roundtrip fare of what each leg of the trip would cost you. So if the Atlanta - Seattle round trip would cost $400 and the Portland - Atlanta round trip would cost $500, you end up paying $200 for the first leg and $250 for the second leg, for a total of $450 roundtrip. The resulting total fare will typically offer considerable savings over the cost of two separate one-way flights.

There is however also such a thing as a double open jaw - for example - New York to Delhi on the way out, and then Bombay to Miami on the return. While this is usually more expensive than a traditional open jaw, it will still save you money over two separate one-way flights.

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