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Overview of VW Servicesdown icon

Group Travel

Group Travel is now-a-days the most preferred form of travel, but we make sure that the capacity of each group does not exceed over 19 passengers including a tour leader. The most ideal number is 16 pax per group as the members then have excellent and optimal communication and interaction with each other and thus enjoy their trek or tour immensely. Lasting friendships develop on such trips as all have a common hobby and interest. And since our main goal is to make all this possible in the most ambient, professional and economical manner, we simply make prior and advance arrangements at all stations and all concerned parties. The only disadvantage is that the travel program may have to be cancelled if a viable capacity is not reached two weeks prior to final departure. Nevertheless, we have reduced the viable capapcity to the lowest possible of 2 pax.

Viable Capacity

Viable capacity in our travel programs is arrived when a minimum of 2 passengers, regardless of the country they live in or their location or airport, book the same program with same dates. The cpacity of the group is counted by the number of passengers arriving Delhi for that particular itineray for the particular dates.
If there is only one person in a group, no ticket will be issued nor any advance payments made on his/her behalf unless there is a booking for a second person. As a solitary person in a booking you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund, minus any transfer charges if any.
7 days after a second person books for the same program, electronic airtickets will be issued to the 2 persons and reservations made and confirmed. You will be informed when the group viability is reached. Cancellation charges will be applicable (as per airline rules) as soon as a ticket has been issued.

Booking Price for Group Travel

In order to derive maximum economic benefit, customers as a rule make advanced payments usually 3 to 6 months prior to departure. We book the passengers in the smallest group of 2 – 5 pax while a group with less than 2 pax will not be operated. Should the group capacity remain as low as 2 – 5 pax, then the passengers will travel at the Booking Price which is comparatively higher than groups with larger capacities. As the group capacity increases to beyond 5 pax the program becomes more and more economical. We charge the passengers at the time of booking according to the lowest feasible group rate of at least 2 – 5 pax.
When Passengers book in groups i.e. 6 – 9 pax, 10 – 13 pax etc. their Booking price will be lower, according to the price applicable for 6 – 9 pax or 10 – 13 pax. Booking price can thus be variable, but the Final Group Price is fixed according to the number of passengers that will be arriving Delhi.
As soon as the maximum non-cancellable group capacity of 14 to 19 pax is arrived, the lowest price is applied and passengers receive back the difference – Booking Price minus Final Price – which can be as much as EUR 300 per person for a group consisting of 14 – 19 pax, usually 2 to 3 weeks before departure. For example if the capacity arrived is only 12 pax, then your savings will be according to the per person price applicable rate for 10 – 13 pax.
“Advance payments” have a further economic advantage – the cost of tickets is reasonably lower a few months prior to travel. For this reason the package price may increase due to increase in ticket prices for those who book later with less than 60 days prior to departure.

Individual Travel & Private Groups

Nevertheless, we also provide full services to individuals or small exclusive private groups (indefinite number of pax) as well. So, you will find that our price range extends to accommodate any number of passengers and they don't have to fear cancellation due to lack of inmates. The only downside of this is that for obvious reasons this makes the tour more expensive. However, in fact, some people, families, or a group of close friends, prefer the exclusivity and choose this form. In addition to this one can choose any personally preferable dates. We can also tailor out a complete itinerary to fit your taste, time and plans.

Tour Leader

This service is available only to groups with a capacity of more than 15 passengers (pax). They do not count as passengers as these are generally our company staff. These are experienced persons engaged by us to ensure that all services and itineraries as agreed upon are withheld and deployed at all stations. They accompany the group entirely from the beginning, upon arrival and final departure in Delhi or sometimes from the starting airport. Their complete ground costs and tickets are borne by us.

Air Tickets

These are economy class tickets purchased well in advance to ensure the to-and-return air passage. The carriers used on international as well as local sectors are IATA recognized premium airline carriers. With regard to latest developments and regulations, tickets are now provided and issued in the form of electronic travel documents, the so called e-tickets and most airlines impose a service charge. In general these are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Once purchased, these are subject to cancellation charges in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated primarily by the issuing airline. However, when purchased by us in consideration of your travel arrangements as early as possible, the tickets are usually at a considerably lower price.

We are also directly connected to the Global Distribution System (GDS) where all the wordwide airicket logistics are handled. As per the latest regulations a ticket once ordered must be issued within 24 hours, though some airlines accept up to 72 hours. This is a little inflexible from our point of view as it does not allow us make you some very low priced offers for your travel tickets.
It is therefore highly advisable to book and pay well in advance for your vacation so that all the services are acquired at the best possible prices and paid in part or full and reserved exclusively for you.
It is highly recommended to consult and confer with us at the time of your booking as we may have some special low priced tickets available which we will gladly offer you. These cannot be displayed to the general public as these are special short-lived offers and cannot be envisaged advance. To facilitate this we have designed one other option to book your vacation. This is called "Manual Booking". On how this works please see the ebookings page. You can reach this page after you click any ebookings button which is shown on all itinerary pages. You need to register and be logged-in to safely access these pages as these are secured under SSL encryption.

Purchasing Services On This Website

Because of profusely fluctuating airline conditions and fares, we have principally two methods of booking and paying for your services.

1. Manual Bookings
1.1. You choose the service (explained below) and pay for it either with a normal Bank Transfer (within 5 bank working days) or with most Credit Cards over PayPal or directly with a PayPal Account. (PayPal - a free service - offers a guarantee of up to USD 10,000.00 or Euro 8,000.00 for any purchases you make!)
1.2. You have the option to cancel your booking (in writing) within 5 bank working days and receive a complete refund. Only transfer charges, if any, will be deducted.
1.3. Your international electronic ticket will be delivered to you within 7 bank working days from the day the booking was made.
1.4. Exclusive advantage is that we may be able to get you a really thrifty low cost ticket, only if available. These low price tickets are not advertised or offered on any charts to the general public and are available only sporadically. This may take longer than 7 days.

2. Online Bookings
2.1. You choose the service (explained below) and pay for it with an Instant Bank Transfer or a Credit Card (however, not all Credit Cards nor payments over PayPal are accepted).
2.2. Your ticket will be issued within 24 hrs. and will be delivered latest within 72 hrs as per rules of the Carrier Airline.

3. Services:
You can purchase the following services and commodities on the Venture Wilderness - Travel & Allied Services website -

3.1. Full Package (All inclusive Field Package with International Flight)
3.2. Full Package 6 Plus (As above in private group with 6 or more pax and choose custom dates)
3.3. All inclusive Field Package only (join Group in hotel in Delhi)
3.4. Flight/s only (International or Local with Open Jaw options)
3.5. Mini Package (short term flight and hotel with bed & breakfast)
3.6. Car rental (worldwide)
3.7. Some travel related insurance coverage policies
3.8. Some travel related gear, garments and accessories

Check the appropriate box to verify your item of interest on the form.
Items not available or not in stock will not be shown as options.

4. Payment Options:
4.1. Online Bookings: pay with PayPal, Credit Card or Instant Bank Transfer
4.2. Online with live help-desk consultation: pay with PayPal, Credit Card or Instant Bank Transfer
4.3. Manual Bookings with live help-desk consultation: pay by simple bank transfer within 5 working days or Credit Card or PayPal.

5. Live Consultation / Help Desk:
5.1. This is completely free if you have purchased any services in the past 24 months or when you are purchasing a service.
5.2. It is also generally free for short info or questions up to 5 about our current programs. In case the call is chargeable, your travel/adviser will inform you of any charges and will require your consent before timing the call.
5.3. EUR 20,- or USD 25.- for the first 45 min. and EUR 0,45 or USD 0.55 per minute beyond that for Detailed Expert Consultation. The total consultation call charges will be adjusted in your bill if you purchase a trek, tour or a ticket etc. within the next 30 days.
5.4. In some special cases, if possible and required by you, we can also visit you in your premises and advise you on all matters concerning your travel. An appointment needs to be made prior the consultation in this case.

Duration of the Trek or Tour

We rely on counting the days or nights commencing upon arrival and departure in Delhi. The reason being that our guests come generally from all over the world with (10 - 12 hour flying time including stop-overs) from Europe or from USA/Canada (16 - 19 hours including stop-overs) which may even include a change of date or from Australia and Japan who are flying in the opposite direction. We do not charge nor offer any services for these days or nights on flights.
In addition to this, the arrival or departure time of the flight from Delhi or any other airport also plays a role as these are either very early or close to midnight which may or may not involve a full capacity of rooms. Some itineraries are shown to include for example 8.5 nights which means that we shall on the last night check-out before 12 noon, but retain only a few rooms for rest and washing up etc. until final departure later in the evening after dinner for an early morning flight since check-in for international flights is at least 2 hours before departure. On the other hand if the flight is at 8 in the morning we don't see any reason why you should not have a full nights rest in comfort like all other nights.
During trekking we take into account the number of days rather than the nights.


Accommodation is provided in 3 to 5 star hotels as stated in the itinerary or in the price list in double or twin bedrooms. For occupancy of a separate single room a single room supplement is charged (refer to price list of the itinerary). We do not charge a single person supplement! In remote areas like Leh or Manali etc. a genuinely starred hotel is not available. It may say 5 stars, but is far from a two or three starred hotel on the international standard! On the other hand in metropolitan cities a five star is a true five star hotel by all international standards. Hotels may sometimes be in the heart of the city or near the airports or in the suburbs of the city. We choose the location in consideration with, convenience, comfort and to maintain high quality service standards for our customers.


Full meals consisting of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee and snacks and dinner are provided on all of our treks and tours either in the hotel or in the field (please also see "Food & Beverage" below).

Single Room Supplement

We do not charge the "Single Room Supplement" just because you are single. Only if you require or request a room with exclusive single occupancy we are forced to charge you the full supplemented amount, but if you agree and share a twin or double room or a tent with another group member, we shall not charge you for it. All hotels built these days consist only of double or twin bedrooms (2 separate beds). Single rooms are offered only as a necessity. Hoteliers therefore charge a slightly lower price for it, but we calculate it as half the price per person. The difference is called the "Single Room Supplement".

Reverse Direction

Some trek/tour dates are remarked with "Reverse Direction" which means the field operation will be run in the reverse direction. For example, Darcha to Lamayuru where you would drive in a coach from Delhi to Darcha and start and finish the trek in Lamayuru, spend a few days visiting Leh and then fly to Delhi. In the reverse direction you would fly to Leh, start the trek in Lamayuru (2 days after the the previous group finished), finish in Darcha and then drive in a coach to Delhi. In both cases you have the necessary lead days for acclimatization and of course you will be furnished with a chronological day to day itinerary.
This helps us logistically to keep our tour prices as low as possible for your benefit. We need to only replenish fresh provisions and replace the trekking crew.

Transfers & Transport

For all arrival and departure transfers, city sightseeing trips in metropolitan cities like Delhi and in most of the Classical Indian Tours, we deploy air-conditioned cars or deluxe coaches or a/c Regional Trains (with Sleepers for overnight travel). All such advanced transport amenities and air conditioned vehicles are not available in remote areas. A car/Jeep accommodates 3 to 4 pax, a mini-coach up to 16 pax and a regular coach seats more than 16 pax.


All sightseeing tours are accompanied by a foreign language speaking guide from our local operational office with in-depth knowledge specific to the itinerary. A multi-lingual guide is delegated to all groups with mixed nationalities. All our guides/escorts speak fluent and excellent English in addition to other foreign languages. Included in the tour prices are:
All entrance or reservation fees as per itinerary.
All charges for elephant or camel or Jeep rides in sanctuaries on safaris including tiger-trackers etc.


All treks are accompanied by a team consisting of an experienced trek leader, a cook (well versed in preparing delicious western and Indian cuisine) up to 3 waiters or helpers. They will pitch your tents, serve your meals, pack your lunches, fill up your flasks with tea or coffee or water, dismantle the campsite every morning and pack up everything, help load the ponies or mules, run all the daily chores on the campsite and treat you like a king or queen! You are on a vacation! and they will do everything to make it an enjoyable journey for you. Ponies or mules are used to transport all provisions, equipment and baggage during a trek as the trails weave through non-motor-accessible rugged mountainous terrain. We are usually several days to the nearest road.


On the treks you will be accommodated in twin occupancy tents, though these are large enough to accommodate up to 3 pax with equipment. These are water and wind proof special two flap high altitude tents, and a sleeping mat is provided. Sleeping bags are not included on hygienic grounds. Please ensure that the one you bring for your own use meets international severe cold and high altitude standards. In case you need to know more, please contact us and we will advise you accordingly.

Food and Beverage

Meals will be served in a special large dining tent. Seating is usually on the floor spread out with carpets etc. as it is neither economical nor convenient to carry tables and chairs. In a day or two one gets used to it. Full-fledged crockery made of hard melmoware and stainless steel cutlery is used for the service.

Bed Tea

Early in the morning bed tea/coffee according to your preferences, is served to you in your tents.


Consists of porridge(white oats), cornflakes, eggs (ordered by choice as fried, poached, scrambled, omelet, boiled etc.), toast, cheese, butter, jam, peanut butter, milk, tea or coffee. We introduced serving filtered coffee recently and our guests loved it. In the earlier times only instant coffee could be served.


These are cold packed every night consisting of roast beef, or chicken/duck legs or breast, fresh vegetable or cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit, biscuits or cake etc. It will be handed out to you every morning along with your personal water bottle, packed in a Tupperware like box which you carry in your day pack on person.

Afternoon Snack

Upon arrival at the campsite you will be served hot evening tea/coffee with some snacks.


Consists of a regular 4 to 5 course western/european dinner with dessert or on some days you also get to have native Indian meals consisting of an assortment delicious curries with rice and "chappatis". Meat or fish will be substituted with special ingredients for vegeterians. After dinner tea and coffee is served. Alcoholic drinks are not served, but now and then the seasoned trekkers pull out from their mysterious duffel bags some lovely bottles of Cognac/Rum etc. and ruminate over tall stories and thrilling past adventures. Smoking is allowed, but when you are in high altitude you just won't enjoy it. Some take it as a good opportunity and an excuse to give up! You will further appreciate and astonish how those pounds of lethargic accumulations in the body have vanished in to ether!

Taxes & Extras

All applicable taxes, service charges, parking, road taxes, driver allowances and any staff overnight charges are included in the package price.

Tips & Casual Gratuity

These are allowed, but not an obligation. It is your personal choice to do so; usually the whole group contributes a little something with the tour leader and is then given as a traditional token of thanks at the end of the trip. Our field staff will not ask you for it, but we request you to please report it immediately to the tour/trek leader if any such solicitations are made to you.

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1. Scope and Content

This Privacy Policy explains how Venture Wilderness, Brauerstrasse 6 - 8, 23909 Ratzeburg, Germany heretofore “Venture Wilderness” or “we” handle/s your Personal Data available to us through our websites. Personal Data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person, for example, your e-mail address, name or phone number. We are not in search of this information, but become privy to it by the inherent nature of online business. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information that becomes available to Venture Wilderness offline.

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You are welcome to visit Venture Wilderness' websites while remaining anonymous and not revealing any Personal Data. Sharing your Personal Data is voluntary. However, if you choose not to provide certain information, you may not be able to take advantage of many of Venture Wilderness' features and programs. The information you provide to Venture Wilderness will better enable Venture Wilderness to communicate with you regarding our products and your product needs.

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Venture Wilderness collects the Personal Data you enter into forms on the website, for example, if you enter your e-mail address when you register with Venture Wilderness or your postal address when you purchase products or request product information. This data will be used to serve your request, e.g. to provide you with the product and service information you asked for. Venture Wilderness also uses Personal Data to enhance the service of Venture Wilderness' websites and to personalize information provided to you online or offline. Additional information on the purpose for which we use your data may be provided to you when entering your Personal Data in a particular form.
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In addition to Personal Data, Venture Wilderness collects certain information on an anonymous basis, i.e. this information cannot be associated with you personally. For example, Venture Wilderness collects the number of visitors to our websites, browsing patterns and areas of interest. We analyze this data to assess trends, statistics and customers’ needs, to help us improve our websites, products and better serve our customers.

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Under certain circumstances, Personal Data may be given to Venture Wilderness business partners when we believe your business interests will be served. For instance, if we need to ship products to you, we will share your name and address with a carrier. Venture Wilderness will also release Personal Data if compelled by law to do so. Otherwise, Venture Wilderness will not provide your Personal Data to any third party outside the Venture Wilderness group or companies connected to us without your consent.

5. Your Right to Opt Out at Any Time

You may opt out of the collection and processing of your Personal Data at any time. By way of example, when you are registered with Venture Wilderness, enter our online services or register for a contest or promotion you have the option to receive or not to receive additional communications from Venture Wilderness. If you choose to receive these additional communications and later change your mind, you may unsubscribe at any time. For example, e-mail messages will contain instructions on how to “unsubscribe” from receiving the e-mail in question.

6. Cookies, Javascripts & Active-X

Cookies are small text files that our websites ask to place on your computer’s hard drive. If your browser is set to accept cookies, then your browser adds the text in a small file. We do not use cookies to read any other information on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookie technology to authenticate your access to various areas of our website, tailor its content to your preferences, to help us analyze web traffic in general and to track when site visitors complete surveys, so that we do not present a survey again for 90 days. Cookies may be used in interactions where you request something from Venture Wilderness: itineraries, photographs, travel literature, CD-ROMs, technical travel support, hotel or airline reservations, registrations, personalized web pages or travel programs, or when you participate in a survey. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set yours to refuse cookies, or to warn you before a cookie is placed. If you choose not to accept cookies, you may have to everytime manually input user IDs and passwords to access or receive certain data.

7. Data, Evaluation & Process Used

Every time a user accesses a page offered on Venture Wilderness' sites and every time the user recalls a data file, data concerning this procedure is processed and temporarily stored in a log file. The following data-set in detail, is temporarily stored about every access/recall:

  • anonymised IP-address,
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  • amount of data transferred, and
  • notice if the access/recall was successful.

This data is evaluated purely for statistical purposes and for improving the offer. Afterwards it is erased. This will neither be used otherwise, nor made available to third parties.
Tracking technologies, such as for example Java-Applets or Active-X-Controls programmed or deployed to track users’ access behaviour, are not used. Javascripts used on these sites are purely for technical presentation or for efficient processing of user requests.
Postal addresses and e-mail addresses which are indicated in connection with requests or orders or information material are used essentially and exclusively for purposes related to services, correspondence or shipping.

8. Data Security

We aim to protect your Personal Data. Venture Wilderness uses a variety of commercially available security technologies to protect your Personal Data, including secure servers, firewalls and encryption of financial data.

9. Children under the Age of 13

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10. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this policy. While we do not intend to make changes to this policy very often, it is always a good idea to double check our most current policy statement when you visit us to be sure that you have read and agree with what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it. For more information on using Venture Wilderness' websites, see the Terms of Use.

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